Milk & Cereal Popsicle Recipe

Milk & Cereal Popsicle Recipe
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An easy peasy, one step recipe for you to create & enjoy! Bonus points: the ingredients costs under $15! I’m always getting asked, what’s your favorite thing to make. And if you bake as often as I do you know that’s a really, really, REALLY hard question to answer. Yet this winter looking back on my posts, I discovered I apparently love to make popsicles. Champagne, coconut water, lemonade, strawberry shortcake, rainbow, & candy popsicles. Seriously the list goes on & on. Which is great and all except it's been freezing out lately. So instead I turn to recipes such as mug cakes, hot chocolate, anything that’ll warm up this freezing just thinking about it girl in Chicago!

Anyways, this recipe is super delicious & when you're stuck in the heat all day it's not a half bad treat. I tend to eat my milk & cereal popsicles as an alternative to a regular bowl of cereal. They consist of the same ingredients (for the most part) & are a perfect breakfast recipe for those on-the-go. Make a batch Sunday night & you have breakfast for the week at your fingertips.


  • 8 oz vanilla Greek yogurt
  • ¾ cup milk (alternative: strawberry milk for a pretty pink color!)
  • fruity pebbles, to taste
  1. In mixing bowl, combine yogurt & milk, Whisk together until smooth. Pour into mold until ¼ full & sprinkle in about a tablespoon of Fruity Pebbles. Freeze for 4-6 hours, repeat until mold is full & then freeze another additional 12 hours. Remove & enjoy!

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